2 Responses to “Conspiracy (2001)”

  • blaster2012:

    Good to know that most of these ruthless evil bastards would be dead themselves within two or three years of this appauling meeting.Thank God the Allies won the war,for life under Nazi rule would not be worth living.History must never forget what they did,and what they would have done.May they despised for all time.

  • Mostaqueify:

    Good drama. The original German version I had already seen on British Television in the 1990’s. Kenneth Branagh was very good, though looked nothing like Heydrich who had aquiline features, and had sharper features. But it his matter of fact sinister style which was beautifully portrayed. A good actor who dominated the movie….it is a shame he did not drop his very British accent in most performances and act in a few more Hollywood movies. This movie is better than the German one of course.

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